Initiation into Inka shamanism

21/01/2017 @ 10:00 AM – 22/01/2017 @ 6:00 PM
West London

The Andean shamans say: Follow your own footsteps. Learn from the rivers, the trees and the rocks.
Honor the Christ, the Buddha, your brothers and sisters. Honor the Earth Mother and the Great Spirit.
Honor yourself and all of Creation.


Andean Shamanism as practiced by the Q’ero Indians of Peru (the direct descendants of the Inka) is an indigenous earth honoring tradition.

The mystical heritage of the Inka is one of the few indigenous spiritual traditions to have survived hundreds of years in an unbroken chain.

In the Andean cosmology the Universe, and everything in it, consists of “living energies“. We are all forms of living energy, each with its own field of energy, qualities and frequencies. In this cosmology there is no such thing as bad or good energy, simply energy that is either heavy or light.

This workshop provides a training that offers a combination of theoretical and experiential practices that have been passed down through a long lineage of mystics with the emphasis on interaction with the world of ‘living energies“.

You will learn the spiritual wisdom of the Inka and the basic concepts of their cosmovision, which sets out a meaningful framework for practical and highly effective techniques.

You will learn the tools for freeing heavy energy from the body and learn how to transform energies (that may lead to illness, depression and conflict) to create harmony, how to cleanse and replenish your personal energy field.

You will learn:
about Inka and Spanish arrival
about Q’eros and Don Benito Quoriwaman
about Andean cosmovision
about Inka prophecy
how to connect with Cosmic energy
how to perceive your energy body (Poq’po)
how to release heavy energy (Hucha)
how to fill yourself with light energy (Sami)
how to cleanse your energy body
how to connect with Mother Earth’s energy
sacred law of reciprocity (Ayni)
about Inka seed
Karpay Ayni initiation
Mishachaqui initiation
and much more…

According to the Inka prophecy humanity is currently on the brink of transition from one level of consciousness to another.

You will be initiated into the prophesied “4th level“, previously relegated only to highly trained mystics and connect with the lineage of the Inka spiritual teachers.

By the end of this workshop you will learn practical techniques which you can use at any time to harmonise your energy body and enhance your well-being.


Initiation into Inka shamanism
Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd January 2017 from 10 am to 6 pm
West London

Prior knowledge or experience is not necessary to attend the workshop.
This is an intense workshop for a small group of participants.

Places are limited so booking is essential.

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