The experiences of my clients. Thank you everyone for permission to publish them.

Kris H.
“Coming to Mirela for Shamanic Healing has dramatically changed my life for the better! I was struggling to come to terms with my past, afraid of the future and unable to cope with the present. I was very frightened and confused. I thought there was something very wrong with me and that I was seriously mentally ill. Although I had a distrust of most people when I started this process, I found that I felt safe with Mirela. After the first session I found myself crying with relief. It felt as though a great burden had been lifted. I began to feel whole again.
The Shamanic Healing works differently than anything else I have ever experienced. I feel myself healing on a very deep and spiritual level – true healing instead of just covering up the old wounds. Mirela has a wonderful, deep wisdom that sees through the surface and gets to the core issues. Empathy, compassion, support and guidance from Mirela have helped me to continue to grow, change, and heal. I am able to take part in the world again. I am no longer crippled by fear and anxiety. I feel alive, and excited about life. I have been able to make much needed changes in my life-things that I would have been unable to do before are now possible because as I have healed I have gained self-confidence and self-esteem. Mirela has helped me so much- I can not recommend her highly enough! “
Kris H.London
Anna B.
“I feel so lucky to have discovered Mirela. My experience of life, of living every single minute of the day, is such a different experience now. Panic attacks, agoraphobia, claustrophobia and inner numbness, a feeling of being slightly detached from the world, more of an observer than a participant. That was my life. Getting through the day was exhausting. I often drank brandy to subdue and suppress terrifying adrenalin surges that shattered my concentration and weakened my body. My world was gradually shrinking as I became more debilitated by a condition that no one seemed able to understand – not even me.
Mirela is the first professional who quickly understood what was wrong and had the knowledge and skills to heal me. In her refreshingly down-to-earth, unpatronising manner, Mirela guides you through shamanic healing techniques that work. I had read about soul retrievals, but had never been sure what to believe. Since Mirela performed a soul retrieval with me the changes I have experienced have been nothing short of miraculous. I now feel like a different person, the REAL me. Now I am living rather than surviving. My life has transformed in so many ways. I am getting to know myself after being detached and numb for so many years. I want to sing and dance because now I am free! Thank you so much Mirela.”
Anna B. London
Elaine Burton
“I had years of trying out different healing methods, and made a lot of progress but eventually came to a dead end – something deep inside was blocking my progress. The results of the first session with Mirela was almost instantaneous. And after subsequent sessions and a soul retrieval I am a different person. I have at last found my ‘true authentic self’ through this healing. It’s changed my life. I feel as if there’s been a shift in me. I can only describe it as having the same effects as a major tectonic plate movement in the earth. I’ve been making immense changes in my life. “
Elaine BurtonLondon
Mark W.
“I have suffered with anxiety, panic attacks and claustrophobia for the past 5 years. I was taking prescribed medication but my condition was getting progressively worse. After visiting Mirela I felt immediate improvement and after 6 months of treatments I am now completely free from all the symptoms. “
Mark W.London
Elias Christofi
“Mirela works in a very unique way and knows how to cut straight to the bottom of the problem. I have witnessed immense change in myself, and the change started showing from the first few sessions.  I have worked with Mirela for about a year now and I have on several occasions witnessed her deep wisdom and her ability to guide you through healing journeys that change the fundamental structure of your being towards the better; some of the changes were so deep and so profound that I wouldn’t hesitate to call them a miracle. “
Elias ChristofiLondon
Peter S.
“I visited Mirela with many and varied problems nobody else in conventional or alternative medicine could help me with completely.  Straight away Mirela got to the root cause of my problems and performed a mix of shamanic, alchemic and homeopathic treatments on me, I could feel the energy blockages being removed straight away.  After a few treatments I could feel a significant change within me and after nine months of regular treatments I now have more energy and am able to do things that I thought I would never be able to.  Mirela has helped me an incredible amount. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
Peter S.London