Heart Medicine Healing


Healing online works equally well as when a person is physically present in the same locaton because it is possible to transmit Healing energy over any distance.

Technology and video streaming are generally of quite high quality and can be just as effective as meeting in person. I mostly use Zoom, a safe and secure video conferencing platform that encrypts the video between the users.

Technical requirements:
To join an online healing session, you will need a desktop computer/laptop with camera and a good internet/WiFi connection.

How I work

Zoom sessions follow the same structure as face to face healing sessions.

When we meet I start the session with a short conversation about what you need help with and then I will guide you into a deep relaxing state.

You will be guided through a gentle yet powerful healing process that enables you to achieve and maintain balance.

At the end of the session we share our experiences and I give you my feedback and suggest how to proceed further.

Within the session’s structure each session is different as I am intuitively guided to design each session to suit your unique needs.

The number and frequency of sessions depend on each individual.

I am a highly skilled and experienced healer working from the heart with compassion, empathy and humour.  With previous training in homeopathy, bioenergy healing, alchemy, shamanism, etc., I have developed my own method of energy healing called Heart Medicine.

Feedback from some of my clients:

“Mirela helped me see what was in front of me. Give someone a fish for a day and he may not be hungry for a few days, teach someone to fish and they can feed themselves. I truly enjoyed working with her and her approach which is light hearted and fun. For someone who was giving up and frustrated I’d say it would not have been possible without her help and to not give up! If anyone wants a person to talk to as credentials I’d be happy for you to share my contact number”. John Moolenschot, UK

“Your healing has changed my life completely!  I am calm in body and mind.  It is like a miracle! I have so much to thank you for.” Maria, Spain

“There are periods in the journey of life when we feel that we have strayed away from our authenticity, creativity and true Self. Such moments certainly require quality spiritual support. I have read about Mirela on her website and I honestly didn’t allow myself to expect too much so I wouldn’t be disappointed. However, at the beginning of our first online individual treatment, I realised that she is a wise, experienced and intuitive healer that I could open up to completely. During my treatment, with a lot of understanding and empathy, in a gentle but very powerful way, Mirela helped me to become aware of and to deal with deeply repressed emotions (deep sadness and disappointment) and to dissolve the energy blocks I felt in certain parts of my body. During the treatment and in the days that followed, I felt an intense energetic opening (increased frequency, joy, fulfilment, meaningfulness), emotional cleansing and resolving of problems that had exhausted me during that time. I would particularly emphasize the experiences of my spiritual opening – clear and vivid insights during the treatment, intense experience of my authentic Self and deep connection with the cosmic web of life, dreams with clear messages, surrender to the current far greater, more powerful and wiser than all my previous “spiritual” ideas. Meeting with Mirela certainly opened up a new dimension in my development and gave me a new stimuli and wonderful experiences. I will definitely continue to learn from Mirela through her individual treatments, educations, meditations and of course beautiful music. Mirela, thank you!” Maša, Croatia

“I cannot express how much this process changed my life. Not only did it help me release and work through some long buried pain and trauma, it also changed how I live my life today. I felt like I couldn’t see the trees from the forest, Mirela helped me see exactly the right trees that made the most of difference and heal me deeper than I thought possible. I feel whole for the first time in my existing memory and able to cope with whatever life has (and had) in store for me. I needed this and I got exactly what I needed, when I needed it and in precisely the best possible way for me.” Sara, UK

“Working with Mirela has been hugely transformative for me. Using her skill and magic she has facilitated a significant shift where I am able to walk my path with increased ease and power. I can now see where I have come from and where I have arrived at. I have been able to discard much of the conditioning that has been clouding my vision and preventing me from seeing myself as I truly am. This has been extremely liberating and has made life far more enjoyable and meaningful. I am very grateful, our work together has been a gift.” Rachel, UK

“About three months ago I sunk into a really dark place. I was depressed and having a lot of panic attacks. A friend recommended I book a session with Mirela and since I live abroad I booked a Skype session. I can’t believe how much has changed in such a short period of time. After about 3 sessions I was feeling confident, calm and ready to get back into the flow of life. Mirela’s approach was gentle, full of compassion and she taught me something really important: self acceptance and self love. My life is transforming in a very positive way and I am now eager to have the occasional top up healing from Mirela to keep the miracles flowing! I can wholeheartedly recommend Mirela’s work. Thank you Mirela for helping get my life back in track!” Wanda Hiller, acupunturist, France

“I was looking for somebody to help me to move on with my life. After a few traumatic events in my life, I felt I was stuck.  My sister lives in London and she recommended to contact Mirela. I have tried many different healing methods in my life but this was my first time to try distance healing. I did know that distance healing is working but  I was still sceptical and unsure if this would work for me. At our first meeting I feel very strong connection, lot of energy and strong reactions afterwards in my body. My life start to became better and better. I opened myself again to life. I was feeling better and things started to happen in my life.

Mirela is very open and direct. In all our sessions I felt she is with me, helping me and supporting me to go through the healing process. I never had feeling that this is “distance healing”. She goes deep and after sessions I feel healing energy cames in, bringing me back in balance and situations are solving. It is the first time in my life that I felt energy flowing so strong  and  the first time that my body had such strong reactions and sensations. I warmly recommended Mirela. I am very thankful to her and I have complete trust in her work. She helped me to heal and to move forward in life.” Sandra, Norway

More testimonials from my clients, please click here.

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Booking, Payment & Cancellation policy:

Fee per hour session: the current cost of an online healing is £100.

Payment before the appointment is required.

48 hours notice is required for cancellations.
For a missed appointment or if cancellation notice takes place inside 48 hours no refund will be given.


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