Inka Shamanism Workshops

Inka Shamanism

Inka Shamanism is based on a long Andean tradition of nature mysticism that flourished during the Inka Empire. This tradition teaches us to connect and interchange our own energy with the natural world, the world of the living energy.

The teachings of the Inka tradition are divided in three paths/levels. Each level is a two day workshop.

Andean Spiritual Tradition

Level I – Initiation into Inka shamanism

In the Andean cosmology we are all forms of living energy, each with its own bubble of energy, qualities and frequencies. In this tradition everything is energy, there is no bad or good energy, just a different quality of energy that is either heavy or light.

In this workshop you will learn the practical tools which will enable you to connect with the Universal energy, release heavy energy from your body, to cleanse it and to replenish it with light energy.

By the end of this workshop you will learn practical techniques which can be used at any time to release heavy energy, harmonise your personal energy field and enhance your well-being.

Level II – Activation of the Energy Belts

Learn how to connect you personal energy field with different natural energies and how to consciously exchange your energy with energies from Nature and the Universe.

You will receive an activation of the different energy belts and energy centres. The ritual of the activation of the energy belts is called the “weaving of energy belts”, and activation of the energy centres is called “opening of the eyes”.

Activation of the energy centers enables your personal energy field to be fully integrated and you will learn techniques for balancing and strengthening your personal energy system which will aid you to continue developing your intuition and perception.

Level III – Magical path

You will learn techniques to work with different levels of consciousness using your energetic centres.

You will learn how to choose your personal allies and, with their assistance, how to develop higher levels of consciousness.

According to Inka, a person who is walking this magical path will develop seven personal powers: the power to act, to manifest, to see, to speak, to feel, to move and the power to behave authentically; in all aspects of one’s life.

Practice of these techniques will enable you to further develop intuition, intention and creativity and will awaken your highest inner potential.

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    What my clients say

    “I found the workshop inspiring and invigorating. The subject of shamanism is huge and Mirela disseminated exactly the right amount of information in very practical ways. She has a deep understanding of the subject and its interconnections. I would recommend her workshops and courses to anyone interested in Shamanism.”


    Carrie Lennard, Musician/Music Teacher

    “Blessings come in many ways to us. One of them came my way in the form of Mirela’s workshop Initiation into Inka Shamanism. A day filled with inspiring stories, wonderful people, useful information, laughter and practical tools that can be applied right away. Mirela’s passion and deep knowledge of the subject shines through and is truly inspirational. Highly recommended to anyone who is willing to get to know themselves better and would like to have a clearer connection with the world around them.” 

    Zuzka, Bodyworker

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