Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session

Quantum Healing Hypnosis or QHHT is a unique healing method where, after taking a client through past life experiences, QHHT practitioner connects the client to the Subconscious.

This is a small segment of Ivan’s QHHT session relating to his life mission and the New Earth.


Mirela: At the beginning of the session Ivan was shown a forest of crystal trees. Can you help him understand why?

SC: For a long time he has desired to see the New Earth and it was shown to him.

Mirela: Will this New Earth look the same for everyone?

SC: It is currently being shaped to the desires of those who will get there. This is his contribution.

Mirela: So all those who will get there are helping to co-create it?

SC: Yes

Mirela: When will the creation of this New Earth come to being?

SC: It is there already

Mirela: When will Ivan move there?

SC: Maybe in old age, maybe not even in this body in this lifetime. He should not be concerned with this.

Mirela: So it is not certain that in his current life he will see the New Earth?

SC: It was not arranged upon his arrival here. It is an option. In different circumstances he is already there. In current one, shaped by his choices in his reality, he is still not there. It is not necessary for him to get there.

Mirela: Because a part of him is already there, or for some other reason?

SC: One of possible realizations of his life is already there and for that fact it is helping him to get there, but for this current reality of his it is not necessary. He has been here many times though he did not start of as an Earth soul.

Mirela: Then where did he start?

SC: On a different level. Not on the physical plane. His initial growth started on a different level. Then he wished to experience the physical reality. He made some choices then that built up much karma and got bound to the karmic cycle. He became an Earth soul. Still, compared to true Earth souls, he is not here that long. He is learning quickly.

Mirela: Can we get more information about this initial state where he began? What was this like?

SC: Spiritual state. He came to being as a parcel, wholesome, rounded, full being from the Source. A spark of the Source energy. He was given self awareness. He learned truths, great truths which he is now still not able to comprehend. In learning these truths he also learned about different levels of existence. He mastered lower levels of existence quickly enough. On physical plane of existence he got caught up in the karmic cycle. He attempted to change something that was not meant to be. Therefore he became obligated to learn the lessons set forth for him. That’s why he is returning here but soon it will be over.

Mirela: What is Ivan’s mission on Earth at this time, in this life?

SC: First and foremost, he is fulfilling duties of his soul contract. Beside, he was aware of the significance of the time he is coming into, its significance for all of Earth and humanity and he chose to assist with this in a quieter way. To help those around him become aware of the changes in the world surrounding them. He is performing this in various ways, most of which he isn’t aware of. Those around him can feel this. They do not notice it but they feel it.

Mirela: Can you give an example of a way in which Ivan helps others and isn’t aware of it?

SC: By his proximity. His energy is slightly different but enough so that others feel it. They feel a bit different when around him. In time this will grow to the point where others will start to notice this and ask themselves what this is and that will bring them to their paths to spiritual growth. He is here to help spread the way of awakening similar to his own.

Mirela’s QHHT sessions are available in English and Croatian, in London and  in Croatia.