QHHT – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

QHHT or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a unique healing method where, after taking you through your past life experiences, I will connect you to your Subconscious. Healing can then take place as well as finding the answers to the questions you may have.

This unique method of healing during hypnosis has been developed by Dolores Cannon who has been working over 45 years as a hypnotist with thousands of clients all over the world. I was lucky enough to have trained with Dolores Cannon and I am certificated Level 2 QHHT practitioner.

Most people only need one session. More sessions could be arranged if required, or if you want to explore certain areas further.

Every QHHT session is completely individual and unique, providing you with invaluable information and healing.
Click here to read transcript of one of my sessions.

QHHT session


Come with an open mind and bring a list of questions that you want answered or resolved. Once you book your session I will send you some suggestions how to prepare in order to get best from your session.

QHHT session is based on four main components: consultation, past life regression, working with the Subconscious/Higher Self and discussing your session.


The session starts with an in-dept consultation to discuss your needs.  At the end of the consultation the I will read your list of questions/issues to make sure I fully understand them.

Past Life Regression

I will induce a deep relaxation and state of trance through visualisation to guide you through the past life that is relevant to your current life. This state of trance is a natural state which is experienced by everyone. It is in between state, experienced in the moment just before you drift off to sleep and the moment just before you become consciously awake.

Communication with the Subconscious (SC) / your Higher Self

Following exploration of past life experiences I will then guide you to connect with the Higher Self.  In this method the term Subconscious (SC) relates to the Higher Self, the Oversoul, Higher Consciousness or the Universal Mind. The work with the Subconscious enables you to obtain relevant information about different areas of your life that is beneficial and appropriate to you now. Once the Subconscious has been contacted , I will asks it to identify and explain the cause behind any problem you might have, and then asks the SC if it is permissible and possible to heal the condition.

Discussing your session

We will have a short chat after the session so that you can process what has taken place and I will advise you how to get the most benefit from your QHHT audio recording.

Booking a QHHT session:

Single QHHT session lasts approximately 4 hours and currently costs £333

This includes digital audio recording of the session which will be emailed to you as an mp3 file.

Sessions are held near Kew, West London in a peaceful home setting.

Payment before the appointment is required. Accepted payments: bank transfer and PayPal.

48 hours notice is required for cancellations.

” I came to Mirela for QHHT, looking to find answers to some of my health and relationship issues. Mirela made me feel relaxed and comfortable to share with her my worries and concerns and organically prepared me for the hypnotic stage. She assisted and supported me all through the session and helped me to release some painful memories and energetic blockages.

Of course healing doesn’t stop there! I am feeling great and optimistic and have some sense of comfort around me, like I am in a protective capsule! I am already experiencing more positive shifts since our session and I am excited for the future. I feel blessed to find such a wonderful highly intuitive healer! Thank you Mirela!”- Alla M

Mirela facilitated my QHHT session with grace, patience and truly gave me space to share whats in the way for me to truly step into my feminine power. I felt deeply held and supported to dive into deep spaces within my body for healing to occur. She not only guided me verbally, she used also singing bowls and sounds created by her voice to guide me through painful parts within the journey. I felt safe to really dive deep and unravel more of myself. As a result I feel more connected, I feel ready to move forward with the new energy and love for myself. Thank you, Mirela, for sharing your gifts.” – E.T.

“I wanted to send you a message to say thank you for the wonderful and enlightening experience you gave me in our session. It gave me all the answers I need for this moment in time. It confirmed to me some of what I already believed and gave me new insight in to where I am on my path and what I need to be doing. To connect with my higher self and take it’s guidance and see in to the 3 past life experiences within the session was a blissful experience that continues to show it’s worth.

In the following 2 weeks I have felt revived and connected. Thank you very much for your calm and non-judgemental approach. You made me feel completely at ease throughout. I felt very safe in your guidance through the process. A wonderful experience that all should do. I will definitely be back.”  – Luke

“I have been very fortunate to do a QHHT session with Mirela. She took me through the entire healing experience in a way that I felt open, safe and comfortable. Thanks to her guidance I have now a deep level of understanding of my self and my life. I learned from Mirela that there are no limits for healing and that was a blessing. Thank you Mirela from the bottom of my heart.”  – Ana Monroy

“I came across Delores Cannon and the QHHT experience a few months ago. When I found Mirela practicing not far from where I work, curiosity took over and I thought I had to try. I am glad I did. Her demeanor put me at ease immediately. I felt very comfortable, safe and protected at all times as she led me on a profound inner journey allowing me to gain clarity and alignment with my higher/subconscious self. I am most grateful and appreciative. The session has helped me to immediately release a lot of sadness I had been carrying with me for a very long time and left me with a deep sense of calm and well being.” – Christelle D

“Since my session over a month ago it is interesting to see the manifestation of solutions to old memories begin to surface in my physical daily life. What I came to Mirela to resolve is far more complex than I originally thought and has since become a REAL LIFE ADVENTURE. As I continue to re-listen to my recording I continue to unfold packages that were buried very deep in my psyche and the mass collective. Dolores Cannon was even present to say Hi! At the time I didn’t realise that Mirela was a student of Dolores! I chose Mirela with my gut instinct and knew she was the only one that I could call on for this task. I felt safe enough in her company to show myself things that I would only feel existed, she handled me and my mischief beautifully to bring forth insight from the hidden depth. She called forth my shamanic soul family and set the pace of the session with an awesome drumming which she herself had not planned for. I know the unfolding continues. She is a true guide and angel. I will definitely recommend Mirela to others and call on her again in the future.” Charmaine W

“I think that I will look back on my QHHT session with Mirela as one of the most important days of my life. In three hours, I gained more clarity about who I am, why I am the way I am, and what I want to do with my life than I had in over three decades. Everyone should do this. Mirela is an expert practitioner, and she made the experience beautiful and relaxing, despite the serious nature of the work. The deep healing continues long after the session is over.” – Aimee D

“I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how things were after my QHHT session. Firstly I have to say it was an amazing experience, unlike anything I’ve ever done before, and has left me feeling much more grounded than I’ve been in a long time. The next morning after the session as I got into the day I noticed that my back pain had gone, and my back is pain free to this day!” –  Jan M.O

“Mirela is a warm, loving being with a golden divine heart. She listens carefully to your every need and nourishes you through every step. She has extensive knowledge of ancient healing, charisma and is perfectly aligned to her intuition, which together with many of her other wonderful qualities allows her to make a huge amount of progress in healing. I only met Mirela two weeks ago and since then she has treated me with two shamanic healings and Quantum Healing Hypnosis. The sessions were individual though equally important and activated clearing up of different blockages. What’s even more amazing is that this morning whilst travelling to work on the busy London underground I suddenly started to hear THE LOVING VOICE within me. I didn’t know such a voice existed and I’ve certainly never experienced this before. The voice began very gently and continued on repeat with loving phrases such as “we love you, you are love, we are love, they are love, look at all of these loving people around you, we love you, you are love, they are love. You can only imagine my contentment to hear words such as these in what is usually a very busy and negative setting. I believe this is the start of a process and that there is more work to do but this has definitely given me the belief and trust I need to keep going. After decades of anxiety I’m going through a most extraordinary experience. I thank the soul of this beautiful lady for providing me with with a safe and loving space to open up the LOVE within me.“- Sandra 

“I decided to try QHHT because I have infinite trust in Mirela. At first I thought it was some “guided hypnosis” that cannot be as successful as methods guided by our inner wisdom. But, as soon as the session started, I realized that it follows the same principle – once accessed, my Subconsciousness brought to my attention those contents that had to be worked on. And Mirela, with her calm voice and gentle presence, made the journey easy, supported me and helped me through the blockages. So despite the process being intense, I felt comfortable and safe. I am thrilled with the result as it solved one of my biggest issues! And even more than the insights I gained through QHHT I noticed the change in the energy, that brought beautiful changes in my life. After that I attended a Vibrational healing event, which was a fantastic follow up. I would recommend this to everyone! ”- Tina Meic

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