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Shamanic Healing 

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice. The main principle of shamanism is that everything that exists is interconnected into the Web of Life, as everything that exists is alive and has a Spirit (Energy).

Shamanic healing is a holistic system of healing which assists the natural tendency of the body to restore balance and heal itself.

The Shaman sees two main reasons for illness. The patient either has too much energy or is missing energy (power or soul loss).

I use various techniques, depending on your personal needs.

Different sounds, rattles and drums are used to raise vibrational energy and increase your healing energy.


Shamanic Healing Session

Soul Retrieval

One of the very powerful shamanic healing techniques is Soul Retrieval.

When we suffer an emotional or physical trauma our soul (life force) becomes fragmented and a part of our soul is lost to us.

This is a natural survival mechanism which allows us to cope with pain and survive the traumatic experience.

There could be many causes for soul loss: abuse, accidents, surgery, addictions, death of a loved one, natural disaster, etc. Anything that causes shock could be a reason for soul loss.

As a result, the part of our soul or our life force is no longer available to us, which might leave us feeling that part of us is missing, feeling depressed, not having enough energy, feeling stuck, etc.

In the sessions, I will guide you through the process of healing and journey on your behalf to return lost soul parts (life force) that have gone during times of emotional, physical or spiritual difficulty.

Following Soul Retrieval you will feel more complete, more present and able to move on with your life.

This is a very deep healing process and it takes 3 or 4 sessions.

Fee per hour session: the current cost of online healing is £100

    What our clients say:

    I felt completely safe and secure during the session. Rick was very kind and generous answering all of my questions and talking me through the session, step by step. After the treatment, I felt less pain in my body and I had an emotional release that brought me more in tune with myself.Tina
    "The whole session was very relaxing. I felt comfortable, warm and safe listening to the fantastic harmonies filling the room." Phil
    Rick has a very calming voice and he was very generous in providing for my specific issues. The individual approach is what I liked most. He provided me with great advice on how to improve my state after the session. Martina
    The trust and feeling of safety that I felt allowed me to express and release what I needed to. Rick created a safe place that gave me the chance to open up and receive the healing sounds. This was a very successful treatment and I am looking forward to the next one. Anamaria