Tina Meić

“I am thrilled with the result as it solved one of my biggest issues! And even more than the insights I gained I noticed the change in the energy, which brought beautiful changes in my…

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“Mirela listens carefully to your every need and nourishes you through every step. She has extensive knowledge of ancient healing, and is perfectly aligned to her intuition, which allows her to make a huge amount…

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“My QHHT session was an amazing experience, unlike anything I’ve ever done before, and has left me feeling much more grounded than I’ve been in a long time. The next morning after the session I…

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Christelle D

“Mirela’s demeanour put me at ease immediately. She led me on a profound inner journey allowing me to gain clarity and alignment with my Higher Self. She has helped me to immediately release a lot…

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Ana Monroy

“I have been very fortunate to do a QHHT session with Mirela. She created the entire healing experience in a way that I felt open, safe and comfortable. Thanks to her guidance I have now…

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“Thank you for the wonderful and enlightening experience. It gave me all the answers I needed, it gave me new insight into where I am on my path and what I need to be doing.…

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“Mirela provided safe space to share what was in the way for me to truly step into my feminine power. I felt deeply held and supported to dive into deep spaces within my body for…

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Alla M

“Mirela supported me through the session and helped me to release some painful memories and energetic blockages. And healing doesn’t stop there! I am feeling great and optimistic. I have such a sense of comfort…

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